‘A Curriculum that Empowers’

Virtual roundtable focuses on need for better education outcomes for Native youth

(From the North Coast Journal)

Speaking at a virtual roundtable called to discuss the systemic failures of local school districts to help Native students succeed, as detailed in a recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, Humboldt State University Native American Studies Chair Cutcha Risling Baldy said it largely comes down to curriculums that disempower Native youth.

Baldy, who is of Karuk, Hupa and Yurok decent and a Journal contributor, said the California Mission Project and Gold Rush lessons erase the history of California’s attempted genocide on Native people, noting that the state legalized the enslavement of Native people and even offered bounties for killing them.

As such, Baldy says school curriculums often disempower Native youth, leaving them feeling unheard, unrepresented and even erased.

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