Respect. Patient. Compassionate.

Two Feathers Staff

Two Feathers has a long-standing history of success, improving, shaping and transforming the lives of Native American children and families in Humboldt County. Teaching and guiding youth toward positive indigenous values such as kindness, respect, honor, respect, discipline, patience, gratitude and humility drives our decisions and treatment approaches. Our team of knowledgeable, committed and caring staff drives these treatment approaches. Currently, Two Feathers has clinicians, project managers, family and youth advocates, cultural coordinators, administrative assistants and pays consultants for a variety of services including cultural programming, bookkeeping, IT, and evaluation.

Dr. Virgil Moorehead, Yurok & Tolowa

Job title: Executive Director

Education & Training: BA from University of California at Davis  and MA from California State University, Sacramento. Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA in 2015. Completed doctoral internship at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University. Trained in working with adolescents, youth, and Native American Families. Extensive training and experience with young men of color. 

Professional Interests: Native American Mental Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Leadership.  

Spoken Languages: English 

Life Philosophy: Be honest with yourself, focus on understanding yourself and others, always strive to do better, think outside the box, be creative, do something that has never been done before, create opportunities and things for others to look forward to, build community, and be down for the underdog.  

What I love about working at Two Feathers: The Challenge of creating something that has never been done before, the opportunity to have a real impact, and the family, community feel that allows me to be myself.


Dianna Heimstadt

Job title: Assistant Director

Education & Training: MSW

Professional Interests: Making Relatives

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: "A heart could break, but perhaps, like a several-hearted worm, you could move on to the next one, then the next."--Loorie Moore

What I love about working at Two Feathers: The youth, the families, my co-workers and all the free food at our events.


Jennifer Oliphant

Job Title: Chekws: Hope For Tomorrow Program Director

Education & Training: Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Professional Interest: Narrative Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Crisis Response, Social Justice, Community Organizing

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: Kindness, love, justice and equity.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love that Two Feathers is forward thinking, social justice oriented, creative and absolutely devoted to promoting the well being of the people it serves.


Shaylynne Masten, Yurok

Job title: Youth Prevention Program Director

Education & Training: MSW, Humboldt State University

Professional Interests: Reconnecting/Connecting youth and families to culture and mentorship, cultural programming, ICWA (bringing kids home), youth prevention and intervention programming

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: “I am a descendant of survivors and a mother/auntie to the next generation, and I need to walk like it.” 

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love working for Two Feathers because my position allows for me to continue to grow and become a role model and mentor for the next generation of Native youth.


Chelsea Miraflor Trillo 

Job Title: Lead Project Coordinator

Education & Training: Humboldt State University - Master's of Social Work (emphasis on gender violence against Indigenous womxn and Mother Earth), San Francisco State University- Bachelor's in Women and Gender Studies (emphasis on state violence and the prison industrial complex).

Professional Interests: Their passions are rooted in uplifting community wellness through QBIPOC-led grassroots organizing, culture-based strategizing, and decolonizing local systems.  

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish(ish) and in process of learning the languages of their ancestors. 

Life Philosophy: Re-Indegenizing care is a necessity to rebalancing human and more-than-human relations, and restoring Mother Earth.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: To be a part of a growing movement that redefines holistic wellness while centering local Indigenous Peoples and knowledges.


Kimberly Brown, Choctaw 

Job title: Administrative Coordinator

Education & Training: Currently enrolled in Criminal Justice Program. Domestic Violence Counselor, Red Road Facilitator training and much more…

Professional Interests:  Passionate about providing support in a survivor's healing and wellbeing

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou

What I love about working at Two Feathers: My Two Feathers family providessupport so that I can grow and be the best that I can be.


Nancy Sanchez-Lopez

Job Title: Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Education & Training: BA in Child Development with a minor in American Indian Education, Motivational Interviewing 

Professional Interests: I’m particularly interested in the development of people as a whole. My background in child development led to the interest of how adverse experiences affect our development as individuals and as a collective. We all have different experiences that shape who we are and how we view the world. My place in this world is not to judge others but to listen to the stories that make us up. 

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English, some ASL

Life Philosophy: One of the biggest things that I go by is that we all have room for growth- that is one thing that does not change. Everyone and everything that we encounter can teach us something, in some way, if we are willing to pay attention or listen and reflect. 

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love being a part of a community that values family and culture as a form of healing. As an organization, we are doing decolonizing work throughout the community by teaching our youth and families their traditional ways and supporting them throughout the process. I am proud to be a part of the Two Feathers team and truly appreciate all of my peers.


Livey Ampudia

Job Title: Mental Health Clinician

Education & Training: Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in Psychology, 2016. Masters in Counseling Psychology from Humboldt State University, 2019.

Professional Interests: Developing deep, meaningful, relationships with all individuals she comes across in life and spreading compassion and empathy in order to make even the smallest difference in a persons’ life. I have a deep love for animals and nature which I  hope to incorporate into future therapeutic practices. 

Spoken Languages: English and Spanish

Life Philosophy: “When I look at a glass, my cup isn’t full or empty. Today it is overflowing. It is overflowing and exuding with positivity.”- Kevin Hines

What I love about working at Two Feathers: One aspect that I love about working at Two Feathers Native American Family Services would be the amount of support and creativity that the agency offers each of their employees. There is never a sense of someone having to do a task on their own without being able to reach out for help and there is always the encouragement to be creative when providing therapeutic services with the children and families we serve. 


Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler, Yurok Tribal Member

Job title: Mental Health Therapist

Education & Training: Master’s in Psychology with emphasis in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor’s of Arts Psychology with Minor in Native American Studies.

Professional Interests: I am fortunate to work in a field in which my personal values align well with my professional aspirations of beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice and fidelity. Also, being part of the dance and participating in ceremony helps to keep me grounded and connected to my community and this is a part of my life that I am very involved in. These connections to families, community, and ceremony will be vital. My mission/philosophy is to provide a safe space that is conducive to self-exploration, identification of behavioral and familial patterns and to help people become aware of and meet all of their psychological needs, and provide the best quality of care that would best meet the needs of the client.

Spoken Languages: English, some Spanish, some Yurok

Life Philosophy: To contribute to the betterment of my community, my people, others who can foster a loving environment for growth and introspection.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: The creativeness and respect for fellow co-workers. Emphasis on positivity and strengths and the dedication to the community in which we serve.


Molly Hilgenberg

Job title: Mental Health Clinician

Education & Training: ASW, MSW (Humboldt State University), BA (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Professional Interests: I am currently earning supervised clinical hours towards my LCSW licensure, and I am interested in integrating relational healing and empowering youth through talk therapy, nature therapy, somatic healing, creative arts and music therapy. My approach incorporates trauma-informed, social justice, sovereignty and decolonization as values and guiding principles. 

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: I don't have a single philosophy, but everyday I try to abide by these guidelines...Practice gratitude, humility and awareness that I live and work on occupied land; never stop learning; see all people as experts in their own lives; we are all sacred beings in sacred bodies on sacred land.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: The people, the kids, the families! This work is challenging, inspiring and humbling. There is no "one-size fits all" approach to healing, and we can be creative and be good listeners. Working at Two Feathers gives me the opportunity to contribute my energy to an agency that provides compassionate and supportive services to youth and families to create lasting change


Zahra Shine

Job title: Mental Health Clinician

Education & Training: MA in Counseling Psychology 2019 and BA in Psychology 2016 from Humboldt State University. Training in Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Psychodynamic Therapy, Applied Suicide Intervention Training, Family Suicide Intervention, Mindfulness Meditation, Grief Counseling, and Domestic Violence Counseling.

Professional Interests: Trauma-Informed school-based mental health, social justice and equal access to mental health care, strengthening and healing relationships in families and couples, and community and systemic level interventions that improve wellbeing. I am currently earning my clinical hours toward licensure as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: Live true to your own values and leave the world better than how you found it.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: Working at Two Feathers provides me with opportunities to live by some of my deepest values through my work by being there for others when they need help the most. I have deep compassion and truly care for the children and adults I work with, and it is truly an honor to be able to make a positive impact in my community. Also, I love my work family, they are the best!


Karen Jean Santos

Job title: Mental Health Clinician 

Education & Training: While attending Humboldt State University, earned MSW, minor in Child Development and extended studies in Native American History. While at Two Feathers completed requirements for LCSW.

Professional Interests: Working with children of all ages, to providing a safe place to experience endless hope, self-awareness, self refection, connection to cultural traditions, a healthy mind and spirit. My approach, to name a few; Narrative Therapy, Art Therapy, Crisis counseling, Trauma-informed therapy.

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: My well-being, has always been gifted with“Hope”. Hope is the power to believe anything is achievable, hope is the power to believe in others. Hope is like a fresh start, a second chance, or to wish upon a miracle. With hope there is that continual opening of opportunity or new light for reassurance that the possibilities are endless and as long as you believe, anything can happen.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love the connection Two Feathers has created for the people we serve, with the openness of all departments within the agency working together as a team to give all and any support to individuals and families as needed, with this connection we are able to meet with individuals and families through their own unique way.


Kayla Henry, Yurok

Job Title: Advocate

Education & Training: Associates degree at the College of the Redwoods, Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Humboldt State University, Master’s degree in Social Work at Humboldt State University. 40-hour Tribal Sexual Assault Advocate Training, 40-hour strangulation and suffocation seminar, Red Road Facilitator training, Motherhood and Fatherhood facilitator training, Good Road to Life facilitator training, and many more.

Past Employment: Humboldt County District Attorney Victim Witness Office, The Yurok Tribe as a Victim Advocate, Wellness Coordinators at California Tribal TANF Partnership.

Spoken Language: English Life Philosophy: “If you ever doubt your own strength, reflect on the pain, stress, trauma, and lows you’ve outlived thru-out the years. That’s Strength” Lalah Delia

What I like working at Two Feathers: I can help to give a voice to those who have had theirs taken from them or have a hard time being heard. By providing survivors support by accompanying them to court, medical appointments, school meetings and much more.


Marc “Bubba” Riggins, Hupa/Yurok

Job title: Youth Support Coordinator

Education & Training: B.A. - Psychology from Humboldt State University, 2017. Experience in planning and implementing youth programs. Currently engaged in and gaining experience in Wraparound Service implementation.

Professional Interests: I enjoy working with youth on a multitude of levels. While I tend to find more engagement and personal satisfaction from a one-on-one mentor/mentee relationship with youth, I appreciate the interconnectedness that comes from organizing and implementing community/youth events. I get a great amount of satisfaction from the ability to exchange cultural, traditional knowledge on a professional level.

Spoken Languages: English, minimal Spanish, small phrases/some vocab of Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk

Life Philosophy: What you know is what you owe

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love that I am able to work in my community and engage with the youth in an effort to make the community a better place overall. I am not only able, but encouraged, to incorporate my traditional lifestyle, knowledge, and belief systems into the work I do with the youth.


Charlena Luna 

Job title: Family Advocate for our Making Relatives Program 

Professional Interests: Advocacy work for our children and families. 

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: You never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them. You never know how much your kindness turned someone's entire life around. You never know how much someone needed that long hug or deep talk. So don't wait to be kind. Don't wait for someone else to be kind first. Don't wait for better circumstances or for someone to change. Just be kind, because you never know how much someone needs it. -Nikki Banas.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love that I work for an organization that genuinely cares for our families and community. 


Amy Mathieson

Job Title: Family Support Coordinator

Education and Training: BA in Psychology from Humboldt State University, MSW from Humboldt State University, Associates of Social Work

Professional Interests: Working with youth and families to help them achieve health and wellness in all areas of their lives. Supporting youth and families as they navigate personal and systemic challenges. Help youth and families identify their goals and dreams and walk beside them as they achieve those goals and dreams. 

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: All people have inherent value and they have the ability to grow and connect and it is within relationships that change is most transformative. 

What I love about working at Two Feathers: Two Feathers as an organization doesn't just look at individuals, families, communities, and systems for what they are and what they have been, but imagines with them what they can become through connection and relationship. Two Feathers dreams big and applies creativity to overcoming barriers.


Zach Roberts

Job Title: Family Support Coordinator

Education and Training: ASW, MSW (Humboldt State University), BSW (Humboldt State University), Veterans Administration Post Masters Fellowship in Rural Mental Health, Certified Yoga Teacher

Professional Interests: I continue to earn supervised clinical hours towards my LCSW licensure. I am interested in integrating awareness practices and supporting youth and families witnessing them uncover their own balanced wellness and basic goodness.

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: I aspire to remain curious, be of service, and hold people in unconditional positive regard.

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I appreciate the community engagement, teamwork, continual staff development, and congruent values and action.


Yvonne Guido, Karuk Tribal Member

Job title: Substance Abuse Counselor/Support Counselor

Education and Training: CADC II (Certified substance abuse counselor through California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals) 

Certified Red Road and Motherhood/Fatherhood is Sacred Facilitator 

Professional Interests: Helping the community reconnect with their cultural identity through traditional healthy living and cultural practices. Attending dance ceremonies, gathering and weaving, sweat lodge ceremonies.

Life Philosophy:  ''Never forget where you come from''. As a person in recovery from substances and a person who once was disconnected from my cultural identity, I won't forget what that felt like to have no hope, no confidence, no healthy connections and beliefs. My approach to helping the community is centered around love and acceptance. I think back to the person that trained me as a sweat leader who would say, " I am no different than you. I just happened to have come through the door first". 

What I love about working at Two Feathers: Working with our community, attending cultural events, and mainly our team. 


Christopher Shaw

Job title: Prevention Coordinator / Intensive Mentor

Education & Training: Will graduate from Humboldt State with a Degree in Social Work and Native American Studies with a minor in American Indian Education.

Professional Interests: To give back to my community and work with the people who made me who made me who I am, as well as guide the kids I work with to be the best they can be

Spoken Languages: English. Trying to learn Yurok and Spanish

Life Philosophy: People look up to you, be the right example for them!

What I love about working at Two Feathers: Everything! My coworkers are people I love and respect, they are my mentors and people I look up to as well as people my age who want to do the same good I do. The opportunity to learn from the entire team is nothing short of amazing.

The kids we work with are inspiring, being able to connect with them and help them makes this job the most fulfilling job in the world.


Charley Reed, Hoopa Valley Tribal Member, Karuk Cultural Practioner, Yurok Descendant

Job title: Peer Mentor

Education & Training: B.A Degree: Native American Studies with minor in Recreational Administration; Graduate Student in Environment and Community Program a HSU

Professional Interests: ACORN program, Mentorship Academy, Indigenous Virtual Speaker Series, Youth Engagement Series

Spoken Languages: English and Karuk

Life Philosophy: “Be confident enough to lead and humble enough to listen.”

What I love about working at Two Feathers: is that I get to satisfy my inherent responsibility as a Native person, to model positive relationships (self, each other and our cultures), for the next generation. 


Wakara Scott, Yurok

Job Title: Intensive Youth Mentor

Education and Training: AA Degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences, will be pursuing a BA Degree in Child Development with a minor in Native American Studies at Humboldt State University

Professional Interest: Serving our Native communities, through cultural programming, youth prevention and intervention programming and helping our youth and families reach their goals and achieve health and wellness.

Spoken Languages: English, Yurok, a little Karuk and Spanish

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I am thankful for the connections that I've made, everyone I work with feels like family to me. I have felt very supported and encouraged to grow, achieve my goals and move outside my comfort zone. I definitely love the work we do here at Two Feathers with our Native youth and families and I am very proud to be a part of this organization.


Ellen Colegrove, Hoopa Tribal Member, Yurok & Kaurk Descendant

Job Title: Intensive Youth Mentor

Education and Training: Bachelors in Child Development and Native American Studies and a Minor in American Indian Education from Humboldt State University

Professional Interest: My professional interests are working with Native youth to connect with the community and their culture for healing.

Spoken Languages: English

Life Philosophy: Always be open and honest and take healthy risks

What I love about working at Two Feathers: I love working at Two Feathers because we work directly with the local community and we are very flexible and trying new things all the time for the betterment of everyone involved. 


Amada Lang, Karuk

Job title: Native Youth Mentor

Education & Training: BA in Recreation Administration Spring 2019, Humboldt State UniversityAccepted into Environment and Community Graduate Program starting Fall 2020, Wilderness First Responder Certification (WFR), Leave No Trace Trainer (LNT), Master Food Preserver (MFP), CA Boating Safety and a CPR and First Aid Certification

Professional Interests: Recreation Administration, Therapeutic Recreation, Youth Outdoor Adventure, Providing recreation services to underserved, youth mentoring programs, culture revitalization services.

Spoken Languages: English and learning Karuk Language

Life Philosophy: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

What I love about working at Two Feathers: Two Feathers has provided me with the opportunity of being able to be a native youth mentor for local native youth that l would have wanted for myself growing up.